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THE place for your Sisters-related comments, questions and snippets of Sisters information. For those who do not know, The Sisters of Mercy are a rock'n'roll band. And a pop band. And an industrial groove machine. Or so they say. They make records. Lots of records, apparently. But not in your galaxy. They play concerts. Lots of concerts, actually. But you still cannot see them. So what's it all about, Alfie? This is one of the few tightly-moderated forums on Heartland, so please keep on-topic. All off-topic posts will either be moved or deleted. Chairman Bux is the editor and the editor's decision is final. Danke.
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Road Kill
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Hello. I am so moved by the Sisters of Mercy's music that I wrote a Fan Fiction, with a nice surprise. I hope this is allowed. You can read my story here: ... adult=true
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H. Blackrose
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*ctrl-F for Isabelle Adjani*

*not found*

*fic disregarded*
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Road Kill
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I'm not going to read that.
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Amphetamine Filth
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what are the requirements for unlocking the hidden fan fic section again?
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Above the Chemist
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it's spam anyway, unless you want to create an account to write fan fiction stuff or whatever ...
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Being645 wrote: 31 May 2024, 16:07 it's spam anyway, unless you want to create an account to write fan fiction stuff or whatever ...
I did all the checks & it's not flagged as spam anywhere i can find.
If it was I would have binned the account
Just like the old days

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well it made me laugh anyway.
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lazarus corporation
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Fallon wrote: 31 May 2024, 14:03 I'm not going to read that.
I second that response
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