MRCDBOX clear images on MU for sisterswiki update

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From fb there was a kind move from Jon Tom to send those pics to update the images about the MRCDBOX 01_08. ... aDU3v-bO0w

On the questionby Tom Vaughan
- It's unofficial so who was selling these at the concerts?

The answer was:
Jon Tom
ein guter Freund von mir hat sich damals die Box gekauft und von ihm habe ich die Information bekommen das man sie nur auf den Konzerten kaufen konnte!
Für mich war sie damals unerschwinglich als Auszubildender mit 450 DM Einkommen!
Ich selber besitze nur eine eins zu eins Kopie auf CD‘s von seiner Box!📦

Cheers! :bat:
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Thanks for posting, iesus ... :D ...
I'll see what I can make of those files ... updated a few of the surrounding pages ... :) ...

And of course many thanks to Jon Tom for the story and pictures ... :D :notworthy: ...

Unfortunately, discogs has changed over the years so that the box apparently fully disappeared from there ... * sigh ...
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If my memory serves 450 DM was, at the time, the equivalent of 220€-$/200 quid. I don't remember exactly how much I did pay for this one, but It wasn't that much, probably around 120€. In fact one of the pictures of the box that are now in the wiki shows a price tag from a record store from Madrid for the equivalent of 300€, but that one, aside that particular store being always ridiculously expensive, must have been later in the 90's, I got mine from a Barcelona mail order by 1992 or so and it was way cheaper. The "selling at shows only" was another of the usual promo tricks.
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I remember paying a lot for mine! But I was much younger then :)
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