audio from 2006 tour

Gig reviews, set lists, thoughts, comments and observations on the mammoth 2006 25th Anniversary tour.
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Many thanks for sharing this one Jens
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Road Kill
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Cool!! I was there and enjoyed myself big time. Thanx JenziBenzi!!
Cheers, flip
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can anyone post BARCELONA'S 2nd SHOW?
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sorry... regarding to that all jenzi uploads (many thanks btw) i've got one question: is there a easy way to foolish rapidshare, you know, all that limit thing? :eek:
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delete your cookies after downloading and log in again.
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DerKoyote wrote:delete your cookies after downloading and log in again.
is that easy? :eek: i'll try. many thanks :D
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please, anyone have the 2nd show at Barcelona (spain)?

Done : ... highlight=

Road Kill
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Hi. Just curious, are there any better shows from this tour than the one in brussles? By better I mean the sound. Thanks!
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Rofocale wrote:Hi. Just curious, are there any better shows from this tour than the one in brussles? By better I mean the sound. Thanks!
well what do you expect? :eek:
brussels and paris imo are fabulous Image
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Still no recordings from more US-dates? :(
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posted by Rise&Reverberate in Sharing section:
Sport Park Tasmajda
Belgrade, Serbia
13th June 2006

Audio taken from the DVD which is currently circulating within the HL Garden.

"Where In The World Is Ratko Mladic?"

01 Intro
02 Crash & Burn
03 Ribbons
04 Doctor Jeep~Detonation Boulevard
05 Still
06 When You Don't See Me
07 Flood I
08 Giving Ground
09 Summer
10 Dominion-Mother Russia
11 Slept
12 Alice
13 Anaconda
14 Romeo Down
15 Never Land (A Fragment)
16 We Are The Same, Susanne
17 This Corrosion
18 Something Fast
19 Lucretia (My Reflection)
20 crowd
21 Top Nite Out
22 Temple Of Love
katamishi upload an option in the same section
I've mirrored the file:

A big thanks goes to Rise&Reverberate,Belgrade fans of the band salute you.

File size:109.6MB
114,916,758 bytes
Constant bitrate: 192kbit
44100Hz Joint Stereo

PM me if the file expires.
Thanks for both.

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;D :notworthy:
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Road Kill
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Did anyone record them at Tuska ? I would love to hear a bootleg since I got more drunk than I should have. Was it as good as I remember... :)
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Long time no post………………

I’ve been busy collecting the latest Doctor Who season (bit hard for a fan in the U.S.) :P but that hasn’t stopped me from slowly collecting the recent Sisters gigs! Humble thanks to all the bootleggers out there, especially Jenzi-Benzi with the patience to share so many FLAC files (although I should also thank my own patience when it comes to rapidshare)!

By far, the Paris and Brussels recordings are some of the finest ever. Also, the Barcelona gig is damn good and a real hoot being one of the most fun audience recordings I’ve heard -- if you don’t mind group sing-alongs (as opposed to one guy near the recorder belting out the lyrics louder than :von: -- anyone recall Alice at Las Vegas? Gotta love it…). Dominion is an absolute blast! It sounds like everyone is having the greatest time at this show, including that crazy “whistler� :innocent:! It really captures the party feel of a Sisters gig.

Thanks again everyone! :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy:


P.S.: Is anyone weeding the Paris gig in the U.S., or uploading FLAC files to Rapidshare or Dimeadozen? I would love to get a lossless version of this show! Most of you are in Europe, so I prefer to download. I noticed that there is another version from sistersvisions in the weeding section… waiting for someone to upload Crash & Burn.
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Hello DrG, nice to hear from you. :D
I've already weeded stuff to Canada, and it's not that expensive. I don't mind sending you a copy if no one else can, but I already have more than 2 stars. Let the others contribute. 8)
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can anyone post São paulo's(brazil first show)?
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any russia audio?