Another cover - this time it's "This Corrosion"

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"Am Anfang wurde das Universum erschaffen.
Das machte viele Leute sehr wütend und wurde allenthalben als Schritt in die falsche Richtung angesehen."
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Slight Overbomber
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Not so bad, but just another uninspired straight cover.
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The singer sounds like Ben Christo, and Jyrki 69 is just... :lol: 8) "SHING" :lol: :notworthy:
Underneath the Rock
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The low vocals aren't that great, a bit too many cymbals and the guitar needs a bit more variation in the chorus.

Otherwise pretty good. :D ;D :D
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Utterly Bastard Groovy Amphetamine Filth
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I think this one's all right. vocals not too great but the music is nice n heavy.
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million voices
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Unfortunately, I am no expert, but I believe the nurse at the start of the vid is wearing "A Sisters Of Mercy" outfit from Ann Summers. Sometimes you have to be impressed with the oneness of the Universe.
I thought when they started they tried to make it more Rock n Roll - ie different, which is a good thing for a cover but it ended up being more a homage. The power of the original being too great - but 4/10 for effort.
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Ze 38 Arse sucks
and Yoorkee himself, too
and Maryslim
they all are make-up'ed gayoths
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dinky daisy
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do i need to say anything at all? you know it.
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Amphetamine Filth
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It's not my kind of music but I think you could have done much
worse than this...
Axe FX - Fractal Adidio
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Dr. Moody
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like the way they are being tarred and feathered for trying.
Seems like the whole thing has been put through a Bon Jovi filter.

Nurse the anasthetic please....
Not a real Doctor.
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Purple Light
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bismarck wrote:I think this one's all right. vocals not too great but the music is nice n heavy.
Agree completely.
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Gonzoid Amphetamine Filth
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Saw them live once, supporting Hellacopters I think, got some energy on stage and were'nt all bad...

This is to be released as a single, maybe it will get some airplay.. you never know!

..I wonder if he's wearing an official Sisters-shirt :?: :innocent:
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Amphetamine Filth
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I think this is a really good cover. A slight pity about the faux death metal vocals - that just sounds silly - but the music rocks hard.

Credit is also due to them for releasing a cover like this - Eldritch gets the publishing on it, so they won't make much money, even if it's a hit.
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Utterly Bastard Groovy Amphetamine Filth
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I hate Jyrki with a passion. I see his ugly mug almost daily in the papers here, along with Ville "fishface" Valo.
Finland abounds in rip-off bands. LORDI=GWAR, H.I.M=The M*ssion, The Shicshty-Nine Eyesh =Type O Negative. And they get feted like gods here in Finnie just because they are Finns who the rest of the world have heard of slightly. Rarr..
My verdict, this is even worse than the In Extremo one.
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Amphetamine Filth
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haha....I really didn't want to like this cover, but it grew on me, kind of like a fungus....
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69 eyes really SUCK!!
burn em..
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Amphetamine Filth
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Purple Light wrote:
bismarck wrote:I think this one's all right. vocals not too great but the music is nice n heavy.
Agree completely.
Me too. The band seem quite cool but that tw*t from 69 Eyes is...well, he seems like a tw*t of mighty proportions
Road Kill
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Liked the cover to This Corrosion but the band 69 eyes seem like a total sisters rip off !! Never heard of em up til seeing this thread and just checked em out on youtube. If this is not a sisters attempt I don't know what is ... ed&search=

My god its almost copyright !! Come on Sisters get your album out and put these lot in place !! :von:
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Slight Overbomber
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Clownpants wrote:69 eyes seem like a total sisters rip off !!
:lol: :lol: :lol:
didn't you know that? ;D
bad clone, actually
and they look too gay, especially the poseur-drummer
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No such thing as too gay :von:

And tbh, though the opening riff sounds like a Vision Thing rip, they sound more like The Nephilim from that song.
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ehh, i don't like this :( this "charisma" guy vocal is just stupid. silent hill nurse was ok :D . where she goes? :eek: it is only me or there was a refers to some other clips?
long live rock'n'roll
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Screw this.
we've got beer and we've got fuel
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Road Kill
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When I first saw the video, I seriously thought I was looking at a pregnant woman... turns out it was the lead singer... who knew?

I actually like the song (and the Maryslim singer's voice)... it could be so much better without that 69 eyes guy's voice. His singing turns every song into a laughing fit.

The "on days like this..." line makes me giggle every time, in the original; on this version, it's just laughably lame when paired with the imagery.

All the little "goth" kids I know are in love with the 69 eyes. :( They look like (and sound) like a rip-off of a few bands. And looking at one of their images (warning: it's huge) is like playing a game of spot the band.
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