November 26: Sheffield University Foundry, UK

Gig news, reviews, set lists, thoughts, comments and observations on The Sisters live in 2016
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after giving up on the ginfest i found a group of us all sat lounging arond comfortably as chaotican says. lovely venue, all brand new and cleanly sparkling. quite small which was nice with the sound which was great being piped out through speakers in the ceiling as well as from the stage p.a so absolutely crystal clear wherever you were.
the membranes were great - never heard thembefore but will seek out some of their stuff.
the heat was incredible, and though i started out front of house i spent at least half the gig by the bar where i still had a decent view, and the last 10 mins and encores by the open outside door where it would have been freezing if it wasnt so bloody hot.
the sisters were wicked,;really good performance, setlist and sound. great crowd too. was really looking forward to leeds until i got poisoned by a kebab and spent 4 hours after the after party -which was cool too- throwiing upin the freezing cold before realising i had no choice but to go home. so apart from that, as it turned out i was only going to see them once this tour i'm glad it was this one.
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As others have said there was a great atmosphere and energy at this gig, and boy, was it hot. At a few rows back I couldn't tell what happened during Alice when Andrew stopped singing and I (wrongly) thought at first that something had happened to him especially when he wandered to the back of the stage leaving Chris to carry on. It was a relief to find out later it was a security issue and nothing more.
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Thank for the videos ... :kiss: :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: ...

I think the page is ok now ...,_26-Nov-2016
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MrBlonde wrote:[/url]

Lucretia My Reflection

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argh...great and sound.
...for all vids from this tour.
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