happy Birthday LyanvisAberrant!

Does exactly what it says on the tin. Some of the nonsense contained herein may be very loosely related to The Sisters of Mercy, but I wouldn't bet your PayPal account on it. In keeping with the internet's general theme nothing written here should be taken as Gospel: over three quarters of it is utter gibberish, and most of the forum's denizens haven't spoken to another human being face-to-face for decades. Don't worry your pretty little heads about it. Above all else, remember this: You don't have to stay forever. I will understand.
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happy Birthday Ollie! have a wicked day! 8)
"nowadays everybody talks like they got something to say
but nothing comes out when they move their lips
-just a bunch of gibberish-
and everybody acts like they forgot about GARY MARX"

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HBD ... :) ...
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Have a tip top cake day mister :D
Just like the old days
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Omg guys thank you! I've been exhausted since, see you in london! :lol: :D
A man with a fictitious grin pondered the terrain in which he flooded with anguish, for this is England. The lion cannot be tamed, this is the game.
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Belated happy birthday to the artist formerly known as Motz (unless my memory has it's wires really seriously badly crossed, in which case ignore everything I said, except the "happy birthday" bit. And the "belated" bit. They can stand. But ignore everything else.)
Trigonometry. It's a sin.
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Happy belated B-Day!
Goths play Golf too ...
"Someday! Someday, everything you need, is just gonna fall out of the sky..." -A.E. Reading 1991
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