Bury Me Deep

Got any interesting thoughts on a set of lyrics? Any that don't involve the word "indeed"? Find yourself struggling to decipher all those obtuse references Von makes? Read "1959 And All That" and still no clearer? Nope, us neither. Postcards found lying in a skip around the back of the Chemists can be found here... Don't say you weren't warned.
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I've never thought too much about the lyrics of this song but I think it makes a great b-side, I like it.

One thing is funny though, the song quite reminds me of the song "Take My Breath Away" :D The melody/music is just a bit similar...
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zaltys7 wrote:I think Bury me deep is a bloody awful song. The very worst song the sisters have done, a dirge, turgid goth nonsence, Eldritch doing a vomit inducing parody of himself, I could go on, but I wont. :)

Bury me deep is however a rather nice cocktail.

1.5 msr gin
0.5 msr scotch
0.5 msr lime juice
0.5 msr raspberry syrup
0.5 msr passion friut juice
3.0 msr lemonade

Shake and strain into an ice filled glass, then add the lemonade. :D

Yeah. Drink it. Repeat and drink another. And another. And another big one, but this time skip the juices, syrup and lemonade.
Then, play Bury Me Deep aloud. Think of an ex-girlfriend of yours, or about a dream that will never come true. Chances are high it will no longer seem a dirge and turgid goth nonsense. :P
Well, that's what it does to me anyway. When I'm drunk. Because in the bright sober daylight it may seem a little silly and pathetic indeed. Unless I'm all alone in the house, of course. :oops: ;D
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khepri II wrote:"In the broken temple bells"

so this is a tit w*nk then. Deep stuff :von:
:eek: What?! I don't get it. :|
Hate has no home here. :hl:

<--the "artist" formerly known as Sinnie :lol: :wink: :oops:
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