Important announcement for first-time posters.

Have you established a good reputation at HL and got some Sisters stuff to sell or trade with the community? Or are you searching for that elusive ultra rare live bootleg from 1988? Ever had a bad experience with a trader on Ebay? Let us all know here. Outdated threads will be purged over time.

Warning: Newcomers posting here first will be treated like spammers. At least have the courtesy to say hello in General Chat first...
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If your first post is an offer of something for sale, or asking how much something is worth (which, to be honest, is an attempt to solicit offers) without even trying to become part of the community first, be aware that your post will look to the moderating staff here as though it is spam.

It may therefore be locked and trashed without warning.

Failing to read this warning is not an excuse.
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